CLIC Accounts

ISP uses the CS CLIC accounts since they support Purify and Corba.

There is a $45 non-refundable fee for the CLIC account.

Off-campus (CVN) students should request their account through CVN. If you are an off-campus student and have any questions regarding applying for a CLIC account, please contact Pam Robertson (

On-campus students must pay the fee to the TA. If you have not already done this, you can meet me directly before or after class on Monday or Wednesday. You must ALSO fill out the account application at (select Apply for an Account). The part of the form that may seem confusing is the fields for Sponsor/Advisor and Account Maintainer. For Sponsor/Advisor, you should enter For Account Maintainer, you should enter Once you have completed this online form, the account will be setup and you will be sent an email which provides the account information, including password. Note, the account will only be setup if you have paid the fee. Since I turn in the fees directly after class, there should be little delay in this part of the process. The account includes access to the CS systems and the ability to use about 100MB of disk space.

Remote access to the CLIC Linux systems is available through the Internet by telneting/ftping to The Sun SPARC (Solaris) systems are available at