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MDRT: ANSI S3.2-1989

From William D. Voiers, Diagnostic Evaluation of Speech Quality, in Speech Intelligibility and Recognition, Mones E. Hawley, ed., Dowden, Hutchingon & Ross, Inc. (Stroudsburg, PA), 1977.

List of words
voicing nasality sustention sibilation graveness compactness
veal-feel meat-beat vee-bee zee-thee weed-reed yield-wield
bean-peen need-deed sheet-cheat cheep-keep peak-teak key-tea
gin-chin mitt-bit vill-bill jilt-gilt bid-did hit-fit
dint-tint nip-dip thick-tick sing-thing fin-thin gilld-dill
zoo-sue moot-boot foo-pooh juice-goose moon-noon coop-poop
dune-tune news-dues shoes-choose chew-coo pool-tool you-rue
vole-foal moan-bone those-doze joe-go bowl-dole ghost-boast
goat-coat note-dote though-dough sole-thole fore-thor show-so
zed-said mend-bend thin-den jest-guest met-net keg-peg
dense-tense neck-deck fence-pence chair-care pent-tent yen-wren
vast-fast mad-bad than-dan jab-gab bank-dank gat-bat
gaff-calf nab-dab shad-chad sank-thank fad-thad shag-sag
vault-fault moss-boss thong-tong jaws-gauze fought-thought yawl-wall
daunt-taunt gnaw-daw shaw-chaw saw-thaw bong-dong caught-thought
jock-chock mom-bomb von-bon jot-got wad-rod hop-fop
bond-pond knock-dock vox-box chop-cop pot-tot got-dot

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