RTP Profile

The RTP profile contains, inter alia, descriptions of and references to of some of the standard audio and video encodings to be used for RTP in multimedia conferencing. Both protocol specification and a profile are necessary to implement an RTP-compliant application. Details are contained in the document.

RFC 3551.
Henning Schulzrinne, Steve Casner

This document describes a profile called "RTP/AVP" for the use of the real-time transport protocol (RTP), version 2, and the associated control protocol, RTCP, within audio and video multiparticipant conferences with minimal control. It provides interpretations of generic fields within the RTP specification suitable for audio and video conferences. In particular, this document defines a set of default mappings from payload type numbers to encodings.

This document also describes how audio and video data may be carried within RTP. It defines a set of standard encodings and their names when used within RTP. The descriptions provide pointers to reference implementations and the detailed standards. This document is meant as an aid for implementors of audio, video and other real-time multimedia applications.

This memorandum obsoletes RFC 1890. It is mostly backwards-compatible except for functions removed because two interoperable implementations were not found. The additions to RFC 1890 codify existing practice in the use of payload formats under this profile and include new payload formats defined since RFC 1890 was published.

The draft has passed working group last call and is awaiting implementation reports before being submitted to the IESG as a Draft Standard. (07/13/00)

RTP Profile for RTCP-based Retransmission Request for Unicast session
K. Yano, M. Podolsky, S. McCanne
July 2000.
This document specifies a new RTP profile for retransmission of lost packets of unicast multimedia sessions. We refer to this profile as 'RTP/AVP-RX'. This profile follows RFC 1889 as it is for data exchange. Specifically for unicast session, it changes the RTCP interval and defines a new RTCP packet type for retransmission requests. This document also describes how retransmission requests and retransmission data may be sent within RTP.

IANA list of RTP AV payload types

A Professional Profile for Audio and Video over RTP?

RTP/I, profile for whiteboards and interactive media

The Voice-over-IP Forum (ftp site) also publishes interoperability agreements that extend conventions laid down in the RTP profile (PDF version).

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