COMS 4701: Artificial Intelligence, Fall 2014 (Section 1)

Time: Tuesday/Thursday 7:30-8:45pm
Place: 209 Havemeyer Hall

Dragomir Radev (Office Hours: Tues/Thurs 6-7pm, 722 CEPSR) radev_AT_cs_DOT_columbia_DOT_edu

Teaching Assistants:
Jessica Ouyang, head TA (Office Hours: Fri 1-3pm, 726 CEPSR) ouyangj_AT_cs_DOT_columbia_DOT_edu
Andrew Mercer-Taylor (Office Hours: Mon 2:30-4:30pm, 714 CEPSR) ajm2209_AT_columbia_DOT_edu
Guillaume Le Chenadec (Office Hours: Thurs 3-5pm, TA Room) gpl2118_AT_columbia_DOT_edu
Xiao Hu (Office Hours: Weds 4:10-6:10pm, TA Room) xh2203_AT_columbia_DOT_edu
Nicolas Drezet (Office Hours: Tues 4-6pm, TA Room) nd2421_AT_columbia_DOT_edu

Text Book: Artificial Intelligence, A Modern Approach, Third Edition, Russel and Norvig (Prentice Hall)

Piazza: COMS W4701

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This course provides a broad understanding of the basic techniques for building intelligent computer systems. Topics include state-space problem representations, problem reduction and and-or graphs, game playing and heuristic search, predicate calculus, and resolution theorem proving, AI systems and languages for knowledge representation, machine learning and concept formation and other topics such as natural language processing may be included as time permits. Examples of AI applications where these techniques are used will be discussed.


The slides for lectures 21-23 are posted on CourseWorks.

The final will be on Thursday 18 Dec. 7:10-10:00pm. Practice exams and solutions are posted on CourseWorks.


HW4 is posted under 'Files and Resources' on Courseworks. It is due on Friday 05 Dec.

Academic Integrity

Copying or paraphrasing someone's work (code included), or permitting your own work to be copied or paraphrased, even if only in part, is not allowed, and will result in an automatic grade of 0 for the entire assignment or exam in which the copying or paraphrasing was done. Your grade should reflect your own work. If you believe you are going to have trouble completing an assignment, please talk to the instructor or TAs in advance of the due date.


The following chapters of AIMA will be covered:
#1 Introduction
#2 Intelligent Agents
#3 Search
#5 Adversarial Search
#6 Constraint Satisfaction
#7 Logical Agents
#8 First Order Logic
#9 Inference in First Order Logic
#12 Knowledge Representation
#13 Quantifying Uncertainty
#14 Probabilistic Reasoning
#18 Learning from Examples
#22 Natural Language Processing
#23 Natural Language for Communication