In the world of HAMS!!, the hamsters are starving for cheese! The more cheese they can collect in the maze located at the center of their world, the better off they are, but that's not the only things these hamsters are looking for. They want coins to make them rich, and they want items to maximize their power.

The only problem is, these coins and items are all hidden inside parked cars! Oh, what to do...what to do....the hamster's only method of obtaining these coins and items is by bombing the cars.

But wait! The evil (and stupid) vhampires are out to get them! Their poisonous touch will send any hamster back to his base. Not just that, every time a vhampire or a bomb fire kills them, they lose a portion of their wealth!!

At the end of the year the wealthiest hamster gets the honor of being named the winner.


Scoring Sytem

  •  Bring cheese back to base: +10 pts

    Go into the maze located at the center of the map which you can enter from any of the four entrances. Find your way into the maze and grab a cheese, then quickly return to your base to store your cheese before someone kills you and steals the cheese.

  •  Collect a coin: +1 pts

    Blow up the cars, you might get items or coins. Collect as many coins as you can to get richer than your opponent.

  •  Die: -5 pts

    Stay away from bomb explosions and the deadly touch of the vhampires. If either happens, you will be restored to your base, lose 5 points, and all the items you have collected will be dispersed.


The Items

Put a bomb in the streets to blow up cars containing items or to blow up the other hamsters. Get this item to increase the number of bombs in your hand.

explosion size
Increase the explosion size of your bombs.

max explosion size
Maximize the explosion size of your bombs. Get this item to be able to blow up any object along the path of the fire.

speed shoe
Speed up your walking in order to escape from bombs explosions and outrun the other hamsters. Get this item to increase the walking speed.

Set a semi transparent trap that warps any hamster that passes to a random position in order to either escape from dangerous situations or to confuse other hamsters.

Build a wall to either protect yourself from danger or to block the paths of other hamsters.





  • Accurately shaped shadows for all of the hamsters using the stencil buffer.
  • Particles effects for simulating explosions and snow.
  • Three distinct camera views: one for the world and one for each of the two players.
  • Object culling and occlusion culling.
  • Random maze generation using disjoint sets to create a completely connected maze.
  • Four season background animation.
  • Sound effects.
  • Collision detection against houses, cars, and bombs in the world, and against walls in the maze.

System Requirements

Processor: 100% PC compatible
Operating System: Microsoft® Windows XP with OpenGL installed
CPU: 1000 MHz Pentium III
RAM: 128 MB recommended
Hard Drive: 17.2 MB free space
Graphics: OpenGL compatible 3D accelerator card with 32MB RAM (for full shadow effects, OpenGL videocard with Stencil Buffer capabilities)
Sound: Microsoft® Windows compatible
Keyboard & Mouse: Microsoft® compatible


Download (2.35 MB) - Windows (114 KB) - MSVC6



Dixon Koesdjojo & Makiko Yasui