COMS 4160 Assignment 0 : WORTH 10 Points


Tell us about yourself and send us a picture

For this purpose, send an e-mail to the TA telling us your name, e-mail address, login name, whether on-campus or CVN student, primary software development platform (Unix, Mac, Windows, type of Unix etc.), and any other info you'd like us to know such as URL, goals in taking this course, background etc. Also, include a digital photograph of yourself. This will enable us to try to put names to faces and have a photographic record of who is taking the class. If you don't have a digital photograph or a way of obtaining one, find someone (like the instructor or TA) with a digital camera. We will use this information to set up the class mailing list, so failure to send us a note and your picture in a timely manner will lead to your missing important announcements.

Please note that this does not replace registering for the course; you must still do that.