Kippa - COMS 6733, 3D Photography


Group Name: Kippa
Group Members: Changyin Zhou cz2166
Sam Calabrese smc2171
Abhishek Gandhi asg2160


            Project 1: Scan of a Doll head using the NextEngine 3d scanner

            Final Project: Full body 3d scanning (new!)



Project 1:   -- CY, Sam and Abhi @ Oct 5, 2007

1. Eighteen scans with NextEngine Desktop 3D Scanner (10 scans by vertically rotating, 6 scans by horizontally rotating, and another 2 special scans to cover the chin and neck)

2. Alignment/Remesh/Fusion/Smoothing/Hole filling with NextEngine ScanStudio

VRML format model is here! STL format is here!