Kernel Assure

Please see our ASPLOS 09 paper: ASSURE: automatic software self-healing using rescue points


Let’s say the below bugs occur, how do you detect them?


Good Bugs for KAssure (with Proof Of Concept):

CVE-2008-6079 (EXPLOIT denial of service (kernel infinite loop)


Good Bugs for KAssure: (might have POC) (7.5 multiple buffer overflows – cause a denial of service (crash) – might be possible) (7.2 Integer overflow – execute arbitrary code) (7.2 gain privileges via an invalid feature length, which leads to a heap-based buffer overflow) (4.9 allows local users to cause a denial of service (system hang) – has POC) (4.9 denial of service – oops)


Maybe (but specific to something): (4.9 SELinux hooks – DOS crash – demonstrated using an HFS filesystem image) (4.9 Fedora Core 6 & possibly other operating systems, allows local users to cause a denial of service (crash)) (4.9 AMD64 architectures – crash)


Not worthwhile bugs: (4.9 read uninitialized memory) (7.5 AppArmor change_hat system call – Might Allow / No Proof of Concept) (4.9 x86_64 DOS by crash) 

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