PuTTY Setup

After installing PuTTY as described in the CUIT website, we need to take a couple extra steps to let emacs work in the terminal window:

  • Type in the address of the machine to connect to as normal (cunix.cc.columbia.edu).

    screenshot of setup

  • Turn off X11 forwarding. In the settings list on the left of the window, go into the Connection section, then into the SSH section.

    screenshot of X11 section of

    Now uncheck the checkbox Enable X11 Forwarding

  • Finally, if your text editor's automatic code-coloring makes some text invisible, change the color scheme for PuTTY in the Windows section under Colours.

    Find a color scheme you like that does not interfere with the colors of code in your text editor (black background with white text usually works well).

    For more about X11, look at the first cunix tutorial. X11 allows a graphical interface to Unix and is not necessary for the kind of programming we will be doing, but it might be a fun side project to set up.

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