Some projects from previous years

  1. Signature verification
  2. Naming people in TV broadcast news
  3. Determining the potential presence of small bowel obstruction by identifying air-fluid levels in abdominal x-rays
  4. Vision-based calculator
  5. Speaker identification with emotional speech database
  6. SmartDraw: a painting sandbox program that “comprehends” doodles
  7. Human lip print verification
  8. Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover
  9. Lego minifigure theme classification
  10. Acoustic garbage recycling
  11. An auto-album system for smart-phone and facebook users
  12. Chinese tea classification
  13. Two-tier email spam detection system
  14. Mood detection on an iPhone
  15. American Sign Language (ASL) Recognition
  16. Emerging trends in field of art
  17. Beer brand from bottle of beer
  18. Recognizing Animals from their sketches
  19. Identification of cashmere and wool
  20. Human activity classification based on mobile phone sensors
  21. Recognizing the musical instrument in a piece of music
  22. Ear recognition
  23. School logo classification