CS4252: Introduction to
Computational Learning Theory
Summer 2005
Instructor: Rocco Servedio
Class Manager: Andrew Wan
Email: atw12@columbia.edu


The problem sets will be due by 5:00 PM of the specified date(typically there will be 14 days for each set) . You are allowed six late days for the semester. Each late day is exactly 24 hours; late days cannot be subdivided--five minutes late counts as one late day. For an exception, you must have your undergraduate or graduate advisor contact me.

The problem sets will require you to do proofs. Some problems will be quite challenging; you are advised to start the problem sets early. You are encouraged to discuss the course material and the homework problems with each other in small groups (2-3 people), as long as you list all discussion partners on your problem set. Discussion of homework problems may include brainstorming and verbally walking through possible solutions, but should not include one person telling the others how to solve the problem. In addition, each person must write up their solutions entirely on their own; you may not look at another student's written solutions.

You may consult outside materials, but you may not consult solutions to previous years' assignments, whether they are official course solutions or student solutions. All materials you consult must be appropriately acknowledged.

Please consult me if you have any questions about this policy. When in doubt play it safe. If I suspect that you have turned in a homework assignment which you don't understand, you may be asked to orally defend your solutions. If you turn in a homework assignment in violation of the above policies, the highest grade you will receive on that assignment is 0, and you may receive a negative grade.