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7DS System




7DS stands for “Seven Degrees of Separation", a variation on the “Six Degrees of Separation'' hypothesis, which states
    that any human knows any other by six acquaintances or relatives.  There is an analogy with our system, particularly, with
    respect to data recipients and the device with the original copy.




With the growing number of mobile devices equipped with different wireless technologies, such as IEEE 802.11, Bluetooth and other radio interfaces, situations where communication is desirable can occur at any time and any place, even where no networking infrastructure is available.

7DS is an application platform that is designed specifically for mobile disruption-tolerant networks (DTNs).  Due to the especial characteristics of mobile DTNs, they require a different set of transport and application layer functionalities. 7DS provides these necessary functionalities for mobile nodes to exchange information in a store-carry-forward fashion. We have extended 7DS as a modular platform that provides core underlying functionalities required to develop mobile disruption-tolerant applications.


7DS enables mobile devices to discover each other and communicate even in the absence of a global connection such as the Internet or cellular network. 7DS exploits nodes’ mobility for information dissemination and resource sharing in mobile disruption-tolerant networks.

7DS’s modular architecture facilitates application development for the end user by hiding networking details. In addition to provide an application development platform, 7DS offers variety of applications for disruption-tolerant networks.  These applications, specifically designed to cover a broad range of communication requirements in mobile disconnected environments, include File Synchronization, Bulletin Board System (BBS), Email and Web query