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7DS Architecture






7DS is a modular application development platform that is also composed of a bundle of applications for Web query, Email exchange, File Synchronization and Bulletin Board System in mobile disruption-tolerant networks. Our application development environment facilitates application development by providing the underlying functions required for communication in disconnected networks such as device discovery and connection set-up.


We are building the 7DS platform, as shown in the picture, with a modular architecture. This will allow us to expand the system by developing necessary plugins or modules for the future applications. The necessary components of the 7DS system for web query and messaging are proxy server, web server, search engine, multicast and mail transport engines. Also, we have extended the 7DS architecture by adding data sharing and delta compression components for file synchronization and BBS applications. Discovery module is an essential module to enable

7DS nodes to discover and set up a local communications network.  Two example applications are represented in the following graphs. For more details please refer to the papers.



Email exchange





In the email client the SMTP server is set to the 7DS local MTA. Each 7DS node implements an MTA which stores, carries and forwards the email to the next 7DS node until someone meets an access point (AP).


Bulletin Board System