Columbia University, Computer Science Department

CS 6731, Humanoid Robots Spring 2018, Prof. Peter Allen

Student Talks: You should pick a paper to present in the class. Each talk is 20 minutes with 3-5 minutes for questions.

You may also choose a paper of your own liking (subject to my approval).

Email me your selection by **Feb. 2, 5:00 PM** and select your paper on the online sheet above.

You should create a slide set for the presentation and submit it the night before the talk. You may use slides from any source (including the paper's author) as long as they are correctly cited. If relevant also provide links to videos in the slides.

Even though you are focusing on a single paper, feel free to include content from any papers that relate to the paper you are discussing (background, previous work, related work etc.). This helps to provide context to your presentation.