Changes from Version 2.3

Changes from Version 2.2

Changes from Version 2.1


Changes from Version 2.0

A Contour Class (as an extension of G2Dint) has been added.

The G2Dint class has a new popup window that allows the user to modify the plot range manually. All popup windows can be closed by hitting the 'h' key in the window. The getClosestPoint method now works correctly.

The event interface has been changed to use the predefined Component event methods. This makes it easy for child classes to catch events without having to redefine the entire event handler.

The LoadData class has had a number of methods renamed though functionality remains the same.

The BuildGraph class does not have the ability to call the Contour class.

Changes from Version 1.0

Not as many changes as I had hoped - as I moved to Australia at the end of 1995, and found myself without a job (Still no job), without access to a java compiler or java viewer. Some of these problems have been slowly remedied but it does mean that some of the changes have not been as extensively tested as they should.

I apologize to everyone who has sent me mail that I have failed to answer. As I have limited access to computer resources I have found I have had to maximise my time - answering questions/complaints has low priority at the moment. Sorry, though don't get me wrong I like to hear from people. So please send mail if you have found the class library usefull (just don't expect a quick response).

All classes and examples have been tested using Netscape 2.0b6 on an SGI. How they will perform on other machines I do not know.

Bug Fixes

The only important bug fix is that the plot will correctly redraw when obscured or scrolled. The problem was a stupid missunderstanding on my part.


Leigh Brookshaw
Last modified: Wed Oct 23 13:09:43 EST 1996