SIP Mailing Lists

Main working group mailing list, with instructions and an archive.

The SIP mailing list is meant only for the further development of SIP and its extensions. Questions regarding implementation and understanding of SIP should be directed to the SIP implementors list below, not the SIP mailing list. Never send a message to both lists.


Mailing list for discussing the configuration of SIP devices. (Not a chartered WG item.)

People interested in SIP for subscription and notification of events. Early archives are still at yahoogroups <--

IETF SIP WG task force on security. This list is NOT for questions or inquries on how SIP security works. Please address those to the main sip list. It is for technical discussion on developing a foundation for the SIP security model. Questions of interest are: 1. threats in a SIP system; 2. Tools for handling threats; 3. Identification of security weaknesses in the current architecture. [No longer active.] -->

is a mailing list which allows implementors of SIP to contact one another to arrange interoperability testing of new features, or to discuss SIP implementations in general. "Newbie" questions about SIP are also discussed there. It is not intended for discussion of discussion of the SIP standard itself; for that, the SIP working group's mailing list should be used.

SIP-implementors is a mailman-managed list; to subscribe to it, send mail to with "subscribe sip-implementors" in the body or use the web interface.

SIP Forum discussion list
See SIP Forum (sign up as participant member)

Discussions related to emergency calling using SIP. Subscribe via mailman interface.

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