CLIC Equipment List

This list contains only the audio/video and network equipment.

The room has the following physical characteristics:

The room is painted in "white dove eggshell" paint manufactured by Benjamin Moore.

Two computers, one Sun and one PC, are placed in the podium desk for projecting slides and viewing network participants. Another Sun and PC control the booth hardware and digitize and encode the audio and video signals.

The podium console (lectern) has space for

Our console was custom-made by Hogg's Cabinet Shop (contact: Bill Dillon; 717.529.2522; fax: 717 529 6637), but there are off-the-shelf versions as well, including Nova, ($2200) or Mediatech Smart Lectern, KSI, SMARTdesk.

Presentations can be captured by an overhead camera, from an electronic whiteboard, from regular whiteboards, from transparencies via a light-box or through a scan converter.

All video signals are carried as Y/C (S-Video) for improved clarity, particularly when using the scan converter. A minimum resolution of 450 vertical lines is maintained throughout. CVN still uses composite video. A converter translates between the two formats.

Instead of a scan converter, it may be advantageous to use a graphics card with built-in NTSC output.

We use a fiber-optic security system manufactured by LightGuardian (see also Minatronics).


quantity item manufacturer distributor cost
40 student microphones (attach to workstation) Koss M/5 Koss $10
1 wireless microphones, lavalier Sony WRT820AM44, with lavalier ECM-44BMP Vidicomp $737
1 wireless microphone, handheld Sony WRT810A Vidicomp $703
1 wireless microphone receiver, 2 channels Sony WRR840A Miller $1500
1 analog audio mixer (inputs: 2 wireless microphones, phone, technician control microphone; 5 stereo inputs: workstation output [network audio], podium line level input, VCR, satellite TV, DVD/CD, CVN studio; 4 busses and aux outputs to allow routing of various subsets to tape, amplifier and network) Mackie CR1604VLZ Vidicomp $789
1 feedback eliminator Behringer Feedback Eliminator VCA $181
1 amplifier for "front-of-house" Mackie M-1400i Vidicomp $448
1 amplifier for ceiling speakers Sony STR DE-915    
2 speakers for "front-of-house" JBL 4722A Vidicomp $735
2 phones (control booth, front desk)


quantity item manufacturer distributor cost
2 XGA LCD projection system Epson PowerLite 7000 XB $7,000
1 DVD player Sony DVP 5300   $
1 frame grabber for workstation Osprey 150 (PCI bus) Osprey $359.10
1 frame grabber for PC Osprey 100 (PCI bus) Osprey $179.10
2 analog video mixer (4 cameras, frame grabber, CVN camera) Panasonic WJ-MX20, details Vidicomp $995
1 video titler Panasonic WJ-KB50 Vidicomp $520
1 conversion between composite and Y/C video Kramer KR-10D B&H $269.00
2 scan converter for NTSC video output (podium for slides, booth for recording) Extron Super Emotia II GX scan converter $2,595
1 computer video matrix switch (input: 2 podium computers, laptop, booth Sun; output: scan converter, 2 video projectors) Extron CrossPoint 84A (8x4) $
2 S-VHS VCR (recording, playback) Panasonic AG-1980 FullCompass $1,195
4 motorized cameras (center instructor, left instructor, class, overhead) Sony EVID30 Vidicomp $975
1 S-video switch (input: CVN, scan converter, DVD, satellite TV, VCR, mixer1 output; output: mixer, projectors left/right, PC, Sun workstation, CVN) Knox 8x8 Y/C matrix switch Vidicomp $1,533.00
5 9" video monitors (booth; 4 cameras, output) JVC 910SU Vidicomp $598
1 14" video monitor for podium Sony PVM-14N1U Vidicomp $458
1 LED display ("On Air", countdown, time, questions), 1x16   Canford Audio $300
1 MPEG I encoder board (Windows NT) MPEGator Visible Light $1425
1 MPEG encoding software (NT) Xing Xing $249
1 8-port serial adapter for camera control (4 ports), video mixers, LED display Central Data PCI-8, documentation $595
1 projection screen, 9', mechanical
1 electronic whiteboard SoftBoard, with pens and shipping Excel $3,101

Future Hardware

We need a means for recording engineer to communicate with instructor:

Need TV monitor for backup seats. 27" monitors (about $600) will suffice.

Install a podium touchscreen monitor (e.g., Reflex) for

LED marquee: Spectrum Corporation
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