CLIC Phone Numbers

CLIC booth (212) 939-7178
podium (212) 939-707
CVN studio 535 854-6313
studio 535 854-3558
studio 1127 854-8894
general number 854-6441
CRF Alex Shender 939-7035
general help number 939-7174
Henning Schulzrinne (212) 939-7042

Camera Select Numbers

When using the remote control, the cameras are set as follows:
Center Overhead Class Left side
1 2 3 3


Knox audio/video switch:
Output Input for recording CVN classes CLIC as overflow classroom Video tape playback
1 video mixer 2 (right) video mixer 1 (left) video mixer 1 (left) video mixer 1 (left)
2 left video projector video mixer 2 CVN VCR
3 right video projector video mixer 2 video mixer 2 VCR
4 VCR record video mixer 2 video mixer 2
5 CVN video mixer 2 video mixer 2 VCR
6 PC (for RealAudio/Video) video mixer 2 video mixer 2 VCR
7 Sun (for Internet audience) video mixer 2 video mixer 2 VCR
8 stage monitor/speakers video mixer 2 video mixer 2 VCR
Extron scan converter in podium:
Display must be set to 1024x768 (or less), 60 Hz. Otherwise, the scan converter cannot synchronize. Feeds video mixer 2.
To play back a VCR tape, be sure to set the projectors to video input using the remote control.
Mackie audio mixer:
Wireless microphones, network audio and CVN are on bus 1-2, fed to main mix. Sun audio (to Internet) is from Aux 1/2 output.
Behringer feedback destroyer:
Set mode with jog wheel to preset 9. Red LEDs will flash until feedback is discovered and filters lock in.
Sony amplifier:
Must be set to Video 1 input. Volume adjusts back (ceiling) speakers.
Mackie amplifier:
Drives front speakers. Adjust volume with two knobs on left. Works only if Sony amplifier input is set to Video 1.
Video mixer:
Switch on top of main video monitor controls preview output, sourced from either video mixer 1 or mixer 2 when video monitor is set to input A.
Sun workstation:
Use input button on PC monitor to switch between PC and Sun workstation. Use account cvn to log in.
Used for RealAudio/Video compression and recording.
Video projectors:
Switch to PC projection using remote control. May need to press 'Computer' twice for two different inputs.

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