What is a Computational Camera?
Active Refocusing of Images and Videos
Adaptive Dynamic Range Imaging
Applications of 360 Degree Cameras
Bigshot: A Digital Camera for Education
Cambits: A Reconfigurable Camera System
Capturing Photos and Videos with Tagged Pixels
Catadioptric Cameras for 360 Degree Imaging
Catadioptric Stereo: Planar and Curved Mirrors
Cata-Fisheye Camera for Panoramic Imaging
Coded Aperture Pairs for Depth from Defocus
Coded Rolling Shutter Photography
Compressive Structured Light for Participating Media
Depth from Defocus
Depth from Diffusion
Diffuse Structured Light
Diffusion Coded Photography for Extended Depth of Field
DisCo: Displays that Communicate
Extended Depth of Field Catadioptric Imaging Using Focal Sweep
Eyes for Relighting
Fast Separation of Direct and Global Images
Fibonacci Exposure Bracketing for HDR Imaging
Flexible Depth of Field Photography
Flexible Mirror Imaging
Flexible Sheet Cameras
Focal Sweep Camera (Fosera)
Focal Sweep Videography with Deformable Optics
Generalized Mosaicing
Generalized Assorted Pixel Camera
Gigapixel Computational Imaging
High Dynamic Range Imaging: Assorted Pixels
High Dynamic Range Imaging: Multiple Exposures
Multispectral Imaging Using Multiplexed Illumination
Motion Deblurring Using Hybrid Imaging
Non-Single Viewpoint Imaging: Raxels and Caustics
Phasor Imaging
Programmable Imaging: Controllable Apertures
Programmable Imaging: Micro-Mirror Arrays
Radial Imaging Systems
Radiometric Camera Calibration
Removing Dirty Camera Lens Artifacts
Scene Collages and Flexible Camera Arrays
Scene Geometry from Projector Defocus
Selecting Camera Parameters for Rain Removal
Self-Powered Camera
Shape from Focus
Spectral Focal Sweep for Extending Depth of Field
SpeDo: 6 DOF Ego-Motion Sensor Using Speckle Defocus Imaging
Spherical Mosaics: Regular and Stereoscopic
Structured Light in Sunlight
Super-Resolution: Jitter Camera
Temporal Modulation Imaging
True Spherical Camera
Video from a Single Coded Exposure Photograph
What are Good Apertures for Defocus Deblurring?
When Does Computational Imaging Improve Performance?
Wide Angle Lenses and Polycameras
The World in an Eye