One example of an Eitan Eitan Grinspun
Associate Professor of Computer Science

Contact Info:
Computer Science Dept.
Columbia University
New York, New York 10027
Fax: 646.775.6054
Vox: 212.939.7057

Research Statement In research I strive to develop fundamental computational models for physical simulation, computer animation, and geometric modeling. I draw on ideas from graphics, applied mathematics, differential geometry, and engineering.
Here is a somewhat outdated research statement, but it should give you a flavor of things.
Research Group I direct Columbia's Columbia Computer Graphics Group (C2G2), part of the Columbia Vision and Graphics Center (CVGC).

Graduate Students I have the pleasure of working with and serving as advisor for a group of very talented student colleagues, listed here in chronological order: Akash Garg, M.S. (now at Dreamworks), Miklós Bergou, M.S., Ph.D. cand. (progressing toward Ph.D.), David Harmon, M.S., Ph.D. cand. (progressing toward Ph.D.), Charles Han (progressing toward Ph.D.), Saurabh Mathur, M.S. (now at Google), Rony Goldenthal (now at ILM), Etienne Vouga (progressing toward Ph.D.), Breannan Smith (progressing toward Ph.D.).

Teaching I am currently teaching Discrete Mathematics, as well as Advanced Topics in Physical Simulation and Geometric Modeling. If you are on-campus, you can access the Wiki page: Wikispaces. I also teach Computer Animation, Physical Simulation, and Discrete Differential Geometry.

Discrete Differential Geometry offers a glimpse of an exciting emerging field. Much of the work you see below is built on the foundations laid out by DDG.